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Closing Plenary: Why health systems must start delivering for and with patients

In a change to the traditional format our closing plenary, moderated by Albert Zoltán Aszalos, Mair Elliott, and Usman Khan, will feature Mark Pearson (Deputy Director, Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, OECD) in conversation with Susanna Palkonen, Chair, Patient Access Partnership.

Closing Remarks: Albert Zoltán Aszalos, Mair Elliott, and Usman Khan

"A step into the future of patient involvement: what will be yours?"

  • Elisabeth Kasilingam, Board Member, EPF
  • Borislava Ananieva, President, EPF Youth Group

Closing of the Congress

  • Marco Greco, President, EPF


Learn more about Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson

Deputy Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Mark Pearson

Patients included

We are proud to announce that EPF Congress 2019 is Patients Included™. This means that EPF is committed to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition while ensuring they were neither excluded nor exploited.

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