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The congress' contributors

The congress' Contributors

Alice Casagrande

Presently working in France at the FEHAP, a French employer’s federation defending the interests of health and social care organizations of the non-profit sector, Alice Casagrande has been coordinating since 2015 an initiative called “Partners in knowledge” aimed at promoting the active participation of patients, carers and social service users in the training of health and social care professionals. This initiative which has involved patients, carers and people with life-long social difficulties, as well as institutional partners and public administrations, succeeded in producing a consensus Statement in 2018, which was signed by the French Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn.

Alice Casagrande is also the president of the national committee for the prevention of abuse and promotion of quality of care for elderly citizens and people with disabilities. She published several books and many articles in the professional press related to abuse and quality or ethics of care, including What abuse teaches us (Dunod, 2012) and Management and ethics in the health and social care sector (Dunod 2016). She has been teaching managerial ethics at Paris Dauphine University for five years, and regularly gives conferences on this topic.

Speaking in:
Plenary session: Patients as teachers – a deep dive into professional education


Learn more about Thomas Allvin

Thomas Allvin

Executive Director for Strategy and Healthcare Systems at the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)

Thomas Allvin
Learn more about Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson

Deputy Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Mark Pearson
Learn more about Carina Pittens

Carina Pittens

Assistant Professor of Patient involvement in health research, policy-making and care practice at the Athena Institute of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Carina Pittens

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Learn more about Miklós Szócska

Miklós Szócska

Former Secretary of State for Health in Hungary, Director of the Health Services Management Training Centre of the Semmelweis University

Miklós Szócska

Master of Ceremonies

Patients included

We are proud to announce that EPF Congress 2019 is Patients Included™. This means that EPF is committed to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition while ensuring they were neither excluded nor exploited.

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